By taking the right steps, it may be possible to look forward to a longer, healthier life. As you move forward, you'll want to keep track of how you're feeling. Stay in regular contact with your doctor. Let him or her know about any changes or problems in your health.

All About Adherence

Adherence means taking HIV medicine every day. Sticking to treatment every day helps make sure there's always enough medicine in your body to treat the virus.

Always take medicine the way your doctor recommends. It might seem difficult at first, but here are a few tips that can help:

  • Get an app for iOSexternal link icon  or Android.  It can remind you when to take medicine and help you track your progress
  • Take it day by day. Side effects or a change in routine may happen, but shouldn't keep you from taking HIV medicine. Talk to your doctor about side effects and anything that keeps you from taking medicine every day
  • Stay in touch with your doctor. Even if everything seems okay. That way, your doctor can continue to help you. He or she will see how your medicine is working, check for any side effects, and will be ready if anything does change
  • Help Stop the Virus. Check out this site for even more information on how we can all help stop the virus in our bodies and communities

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