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HIV: What’s Going on Inside Your Body

Engaging, animated visuals tell the story of how HIV works. The video can be used to help explain what the virus does to CD4 cells, how it multiplies, and why HIV treatment is important.

  • Topics: CD4 cells, HIV treatment, immune system

HIV: The Goal of Undetectable

This video helps explain the concept of an undetectable viral load. Undetectable is presented as a destination and goal. Treatment is shown as a way to get to undetectable — and as a way to live a long and healthy life.

  • Topics: CD4 cells, viral load, HIV treatment, undetectable, immune system

Stopping the Virus Starts With You

HIV: Stopping the Virus Starts With You

This video uses animation to show how testing, treatment, and prevention work together to stop the virus in our bodies and communities. So that people can protect themselves and the people they care about.

  • Topics: Testing, prevention, HIV treatment, education

Watch a video on the 50,000 people in the US who contracted HIV last year

HIV: The 50,000 Story

50,000. That is the number of people in the U.S. who contracted HIV last year. This video features unique visuals that help put this number in perspective. It also suggests ways the virus can be stopped.

  • Topics: New HIV infections, testing, prevention, HIV treatment

Watch the Stop the Virus video

HIV: Help Stop the Virus

An animated virus cell moves throughout this video. The narration helps explain why we should treat HIV like a virus. And that when we do, we can act effectively to stop it.

  • Topics: Education, HIV treatment

A resource for patients
or clients newly
diagnosed with HIV

HIV Answers

HIV Answers is a website with information to help people newly diagnosed understand and get ready for treatment. It also includes clear answers to many of the questions they may have.

HIV Answers is also available as a discreet
mobile app.

Download the HIV Answers app Download the HIV Answers app

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