Starting HIV treatment.

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Why start treatment right away?

Research shows that starting HIV treatment as soon as possible can offer important health benefits. One of the most important benefits is getting your viral load to undetectable. Undetectable means that there is so little virus in the blood that a lab test can't measure it. Other benefits may include:

  • Get to undetectable quickly
  • Reduce the damage HIV does inside your body
  • Stay engaged in care

Start treatment right away to help get you to undetectable sooner than you might think.

When do I start treatment?

You can start treatment as soon as your healthcare provider (HCP) recommends it. Some treatments can even be started the same day that you are diagnosed.

5 reasons to stick with treatment

Current research shows that taking HIV treatment as prescribed and getting to an undetectable viral load and staying undetectable prevents the transmission of HIV to others through sex. And that is just one of many reasons why sticking to treatment is important.

HIV: 5 reasons to stick with treatment

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How does getting to an undetectable viral load impact my life?

HIV does not have to stop you from living a long and healthy life. Remember to take your treatment as prescribed, stay engaged in care, and take care of yourself, to help you live well with HIV.

Questions to ask your healthcare provider.

No questions are off-limits when you meet with them, and it's great to come prepared. Here are some questions to copy and save for your visit.

  • How long have you been treating people with HIV?
  • What is your approach to treating HIV?
  • Do you have a “partnership” with your patients? Why or why not?
  • How often can I call you with questions or concerns? What's the best time? If you're not available, who should I call?
  • Do you have anything I can read for more information? Which websites should I check out?