The power of undetectable.

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What does undetectable mean?

A major goal of HIV treatment is getting your viral load to undetectable. Undetectable means that there is so little virus in the blood that a lab test can't measure it. If you have questions about your lab results, talk with your healthcare provider.

For many people living with HIV, getting to an undetectable viral load is a key step in their treatment journey. But starting and sticking with treatment is the only way to get there. And reaching that milestone can provide important health benefits for you and others within the community. So, stick with it to help you stay on track and be proud that you are taking steps to manage your HIV.

Terms you may hear

We have defined some key terms that might be helpful to know as you are starting and sticking with treatment.

Treat to prevent

Current research shows that taking HIV treatment as prescribed and getting to an undetectable viral load and staying undetectable prevents transmitting HIV to others through sex. Other ways to say that are U=U (undetectable=untransmittable) or TasP (treatment as prevention).

HIV: Treat to prevent

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Why is U=U important?

It helps destigmatize living with HIV, spreads awareness that today's medications can be effective, and reminds people of the importance of continuing to take treatment as prescribed. It also helps send an empowering message that HIV does not have to stop you from living a longer and healthier life.