Living healthy with HIV.

Model portrayal above

Model portrayal above

What can I do to live a healthy life with HIV?

When living with HIV, it's not only important to take your HIV treatment as prescribed. It is also important for you to continue to focus on yourself and your overall health.

To do that, it’s important to consider all of the things that are a part of healthy living. Some of these include: emotional, mental, financial, physical, and social.

Taking care of yourself is an important way to help you live a healthier life with HIV.

When do I start treatment?

You can start treatment as soon as your healthcare provider (HCP) recommends it. Some treatments can even be started the same day that you are diagnosed.

What are some things that can help me live with HIV?

Talking to your healthcare provider about an HIV treatment plan that fits into your routine is one way to help you stick with treatment, which can help you live a longer and healthier life.

How do I manage my HIV treatment journey?

Everyone experiences ups and downs. Being mindful of your mental health is an essential part of managing your HIV. Just know there are resources and people available to support you so that you never have to feel alone in this journey.

Real person living with HIV.

Gina | Things have changed

GINA: People who believe that you can look at someone and tell that they have HIV, they’re living in the past.

Well, when I was diagnosed, I thought that, you know, just getting a diagnosis, people could look at me and tell.

And then I started taking the medication not long after my diagnosis.

It didn’t really change my appearance. Once I made forty, it was like, it wasn’t an issue anymore.

Mother Nature is.

A lot of times, we go on what was said in our communities years ago.

But I’m here to tell you that things have changed.

Twenty-three years of living with HIV, and this is what it looks like.

People will not be able to tell that you have HIV, just from being on treatment.

Just look at me.

Sharing your status

Living with HIV doesn’t have to hinder your relationships or sexual health, both of which are part of your overall health. HIV does not look one way and people can't tell that you're living with HIV. You are in control of when, how, and who you share your status with, so feel empowered to share on your own terms.

Gina | Things have changed

Model portrayal below

Helpful information for you and your partner(s)

Remember, living with HIV doesn’t have to change who you are or stop you from having meaningful relationships. Follow your treatment plan as prescribed by your doctor and disclose on your own terms. Some states may have partner notification, which means if you test positive for HIV, you may be obligated to tell your partner(s). Explore more information here on how to navigate those policies.

If your partner is interested in getting tested or talking to their healthcare provider about their HIV prevention options, including PrEP, or just wants more information, please share these resources with them.